Our company, Big Dorises International Limited, produces quality Cosmetics Product to ensure that people in Nigeria/Africa have access to Affordable, quality Cosmetics products to curb the menace of using substandard cosmetic products
Throughout our 17year History, we have successfully adapted and evolved to the constantly changing consumer, market, and economic environments. We have a trusted consumer goods with an established portfolio of trusted brands across range of markets. We have an unrivalled heritage and entrepreneurial culture, robustly supported by our values.

We have a new strategy that focuses our resources and investment on key categories and core brands across selected geographies in Nigeria, which offer the best potential full scale; that can return the business to sustainable, profitable growth. Founded on strong principles of sustainability, our strategy for growth emphasises Focus, Scale, Accelerate, the key features of which are as follows:


1- Placing the consumer at the centre of our innovation strategy
2- Simplifying the business and our channels
3- Focuses on our high margin brands in core categories and geographies:
(a) Beauty and Personal Care focus
(b) Home Care maintenance in selected geographies to provide in market scale
(c) Continuous investment in our partnerships that offer disproportionate growth as the Nigerian economy recovers
4- Divest non-core brandswth


1- selected channels with the right consumers
2- Scale brands in high potential new markets
3- Add scale through digital commerce
4- Leverage distribution partnerships to scale in
5- Selectively innovate to scale brands in existing markets


1- Leverage our knowledge and expertise in Nigeria to rebuild selected categories and brands and through business partnerships
2- Beauty and Personal Care to drive the largest share of revenue and profit growth
3- Increase Nigeria profitability through premium innovation across Beauty and Personal Care
4- African: to create biggest opportunity for revenue growth

To establish a product and service line, which is an important brand that represents quality, quantity and affordable products/services: that make our customers come ‘First’.

High Standard Organic Product

reasons to choose us:
Team Members

I saw him struggle with chicken pox infection the second time. I introduce my product to the mum, and that was the beginning of recovery. The smile in that "After Picture" has been the Alex I know. I am so happy that smile is back. Thanks to God #drelisproductsworks #teamdrelis.

Alex, Benin

I recommend your services to all my friends and colleagues. I loved how fast products are delivered.

Marvel, Lagos

I met at ring road Central Park, Benin City. She showed me the burning face and asked if Drelis organic product will stop the reddish and remove the sunburn, with confidence I told her YES. I was expecting her to place an order immediately, she didn't show up. After two weeks, she called and complained about her face getting worst. I told her she was the reason her face was the way it was. She summoned courage and purchased her 1st product (Drelis face cream and whitening soap). #drelisproductwo

Cynthia O, Benin

Frequently Ask Questions?

I'm allergic to a lot of ingredients, are your products safe for me?

In almost all cases of allergies, our products will be safe to use. You can read more about allergies and ingredients in our products HERE. In case you still have doubts, just send an email to to get information about our products related to buying a full size product (in the category ‘Samples’). You can’t open the links in our app, but you can check the app-menu and check the category ‘Hypoallergenic Ingredients’.

What is the meaning of 'hypo-allergen'?

Hypo-allergen means there’s only a very small chance of an allergic reaction to the product. This is generally the case when ingredients are used that are known for a very small chance of allergic reactions. However, not everybody can endure hypo-allergen cosmetics; some people have such a sensitive skin, that they can even react negatively to a good ingredient. So it’s still a matter of trying out how your skin reacts to a certain product. But, if you’re experimenting in that area, it’s wise to experiment with hypo-allergen cosmetics, because they have the smallest chance of a negative skin reaction.

What's the meaning of having NAFDAC certification ?

The National Administration for Food and Drug Control qualifies us as eligible to the certification of ‘NAFDAC’. This means that the identity of our Products are certified and webshop is verified, that we meet all Nigerian legislation for webshops, that there are several ways to get in touch with us, that you can find customer reviews about our shop, that our Terms and Conditions and the Privacy policy are published and that you can turn to webshop for mediation in case of issues.

Can I influence the kind of products you offer?

One unique aspects of Drelis Cosmetics Products is co-development with our customers. Drelis Cosmetics Product is a modern brand which can be influenced by you. In case you have a product you would like to see in our assortment or your favorite colour for one of our existing products please let us know. Send a message using the contact form at the top of the page.

Can I return products?

If you want to, you can return a product within 14 days after having received the product. Please note, you can only return products that are un-opened and still intact. Samples can never be returned. If you want to return a product, please contact Drelis Cosmetics Product by mailing to You will then receive further instructions how to return the product. As soon as we’ve received the returned intact product, we will refund the purchase amount excluding the shipping costs within 14 days, to an account of your choice. If we suspect the product being used or damaged on purpose, we will have the right to not make any refund.

Can I reach Drelis Cosmetics Products by phone?

You can reach us by dialing +2347-05723-4441. We’re not always able to answer the phone immediately, but you can always leave your name, number and message. And then we’ll get back with you within 24 hours (and most of the time even on the same day)!

Can I take a look at the in your shop, or pick up my order?

We’re a 50% online, 50% offline shop, therefor it’s possible to visit us or pick up your order.

Is your question not in this list? Then please mail us at

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